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greatest stories ever told candyman grateful dead - official site of the grateful dead by david dodd here s the plan each week i will blog about a different song focusing usually on the lyrics but also on some other aspects of the song including its overall impact a truly subjective thing, greatest stories ever told box of rain grateful dead - so there s a little clue from hunter myself i always thought before i heard hunter s explanation of the boxes built by the wonderful artist joseph cornell i pictured a box you would open up and there inside would be somehow rain, the 100 greatest album covers udiscover - there are many famous album covers but we ve put together what we believe are the 100 greatest album covers find out which ones have made the cut, greatest animated series ever made list of best cartoon - the top animated series of all time include some of the best tv shows ever to flicker in your living room or on your computer screen as time has gone on the greatest cartoon series ever include cartoons from every decade of television s existence and is here so you can vote for the best, music news rolling stone - music film tv and political news coverage, mawson s will the greatest polar survival story ever - mawson s will is the dramatic story of what sir edmund hillary calls the most outstanding solo journey ever recorded in antarctic history for weeks in antarctica douglas mawson faced some of the most daunting conditions ever known to man blistering wind snow and cold loss of his companion his dogs and supplies the skin on his hands and the soles of his feet thirst starvation, vh1 original tv shows reality tv shows vh1 - get the latest slate of vh1 shows visit vh1 com to get the latest full episodes bonus clips cast interviews and exclusive videos, musashi s 21 precepts for life wisdom from the greatest - miyamoto musashi is the greatest swordsman to ever live undefeated in 61 one one one duels musashi s total kill count is much higher he fought in clan wars too musashi killed his first man when he was 13, bugs bunny greatest banned player ever u s s mariner - msn sports filter okay this has been linked to all over the ever lovin web in the last day or so but on the off chance you ain t read it yet here it is a sabermetric sociohistorical investigation of the 1946 game between the gas house gorillas and the tea totallers as captured in the immortal warner bros cartoon baseball bugs i ve said it before and say it again i shall, the 100 greatest songwriters of all time rolling stone - if you listen to my songs they tell stories missy elliott has said i write almost as if i m in conversation with somebody the crucible of her collaboration with timbaland was the swing mob, i miss my dog has grief for a dog who died ever - i miss my dog has grief for a dog who died ever overwhelmed you when my german shepherd hugo died it felt like a part of me had been clawed out and torn away, stories of rock rock roll hall of fame - nina simone is known as the high priestess of soul but her style and range extend far beyond one style of music learn more about simone s legacy in our pnc inductee insights, greatest movie props of all time from lightsabers to - the 100 greatest props in movie history and the stories behind them, the legend of the bell witch of tennessee by pat - j ohn bell jr drewry bell and jesse bell john bell s eldest sons had fought under general jackson in the battle of new orleans in 1819 jackson decided to visit the bell farm and see what all the hoopla was about jackson s entourage consisted of several men some well groomed horses and a wagon, three dog night the complete hit singles amazon com - from the very late sixties to the mid seventies the group known as three dog night were a steady presence on the billboard top 40 not only that they gave early exposure to songwriters like laura nyro hoyt axton paul williams randy newman harry nilsson and leo sayers, couchsurfing the best hook up app ever business insider - never mind okcupid and tinder the almost decade old couchsurfing which is available in 100 000 cities across the globe is becoming the go to hookup app for a certain class of young world travelers, beauty and the beast folktales of type 425c - the small tooth dog england once upon a time there was a merchant who traveled about the world a great deal on one of his journeys thieves attacked him and they would have taken both his life and his money if a large dog had not come to his rescue and driven the thieves away